Myths and Legends About Contact Lenses

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There are a lot of myths and legends about wearing contact lenses. Let’s see if some of these have actual merit or not at all.

Children and Teenagers Can't Wear Contact Lenses?

The reality is that depending on the responsibility and attitude of each child, from the age of 8, children can be mature enough to wear contact lenses and take care of their maintenance by themselves.

As for teenagers, the average age at which they start wearing contact lenses is 13 years old.

En cuanto a los adolescentes, la edad media en la que empiezan a llevar lentillas es los 13 años.

Contact lenses are difficult to maintain?

To keep contact lenses in good condition, we have to clean them properly and keep them in their case.

At the same time, there are daily contact lenses that do not require any maintenance since they can be thrown away at the end of the day.

Contact lenses can cause an increase in myopia in children?

Recent studies (study in Spanish) show no progression of myopia in children between 8 and 11 who wear contact lenses instead of glasses.

People Over 40 Cannot Wear Contact Lenses?

Although our eyes may become drier with age, people of any age can wear contact lenses, thanks to new contact lens materials that make them more comfortable.

If You Have Astigmatism, You Can't Wear Contact Lenses

People with astigmatism can also wear contact lenses.

Contact Lenses Can Get Lost Behind the Eye

Contact lenses cannot be lost behind the eye since they stay in the cornea on its front surface.

You can't cry with contact lenses on

While wearing contact lenses, we can cry. However, it is preferable not to rub our eyes, as this could irritate the eyes or displace the lenses.

However, if we prefer, we can remove them and put them in liquid inside their case.

Contact Lenses Harm Your Eyes

While it is true that contact lenses are medical material and, if marketed by opticians and authorized distributors, are safe and healthy, they can affect eye health if they are not used following proper guidelines.

For example, we can only wear contact lenses up to the established time in daily hours and when replacing them (if they are one-month contact lenses, we cannot use them for three months).

We must follow the hygiene guidelines to keep both contact lenses and their liquids and case in perfect condition and keep our hands clean at all times.

You can swim with contact lenses

Swimming with contact lenses is highly discouraged since the water of the pool, sea, river, or lake has large amounts of bacteria and other microorganisms that can be very harmful to our eyes.

Contact Lenses Can Melt or Freeze

Contact lenses cannot melt or freeze; it would take an extremely high temperature (both hot and cold) for the lens to melt or freeze.

The risk we may have is that the contact lenses dry out due to the heat or that the eyes are more sensitive due to the intense cold, so removing the contact lenses and letting the eye breathe or rehydrate them is preferable.

At MiMundoVisual, we encourage you to lose your fear of contact lenses, maintain good hygiene and guidelines for the application, cleaning, and maintenance of contact lenses, and go to your trusted specialist regularly to maintain the eye health of the entire family.