Visual Tests

Visual Tests

At Mi Mundo Visual we have created this space to make it easier for you to find your way around our resources. 

Select the visual test you are most interested in and we will take you to our complete resource for that test.

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Visual Tests Downloadable PDF

Snellen Test

In Mi Mundo Visual we teach you what the Snellen Test is, how to do it at home and we created the Snellen Test PDF for you! Download it for free

Tumbling E Test

Learn everything you need to know about the Tumbling E Test and download our PDF to take the test home.

Landolt Test

At Mi Mundo Visual we have created a free downloadable resource with the Landolt Test PDF and an article that teaches us everything we need to know about this visual test.

Amsler Grid Test

Download this free downloadable resource with the Amsler Grid Test PDF to detect metamorphopsia.

Other Visual Tests

Discover some of the types of vision tests used to detect various vision abnormalities.

Online and Mobile Visual Tests

Tests Visuales en La Web

At Mi Mundo Visual we have created a small compilation of different visual tests that can be performed online!

Visual Tests for Mobile

Discover different applications that you can download to your mobile for free to perform visual acuity tests.